The Claddagh is a symbol rich with Irish heritage dating back over five centuries. The origin of this elegant symbol is shrouded in mystery, several legends tell the story of its first forging. All the myths tell the same tale of its symbolism. Perhaps the most popular legend tells the tale of a young fisherman from the village of Claddagh. At sea, he was captured by pirates and forced to work as a slave. All the while dreaming of his love back home, the young fisherman managed to seize a small piece of gold. He fashioned it into the Claddagh design. The heart clasped by two hands and adorned with a crown representing love, friendship, and loyalty. When the young fisherman was finally able to return to Ireland he presented this ring to his love who had remained true for all those years. The Claddagh design is seen in a variety of jewelry for men and women and is a popular engagement ring due to its rich Irish history and message of enduring love.