Irish Flat Caps

Irish flat caps are a perfect to-go accessory for a wide assortment of occasions and events, casual and more formal. These caps have been around for centuries, we can firmly say they never went out of fashion. Whereas numerous have known their value, their popularity level has risen with the well-known peaky blinders and boardwalk shows. At Exclusively Irish we’re exceptionally glad of our exquisite and high-quality range of Men’s Irish caps from the famous Mucros Weavers to some of our classic Guinness caps. 

What is a Flat cap?

Despite its modern updates on design, color, or material, this cap style is constructed to exude and keep the elegance and traditional look, that can be worn in formal or informal looks. An Irish flat cap is traditionally a rounded wool cap with a stiff brim at the front. The wool choice is really important as it provides the wearer with warmth, breathability, and comfort, which are especially essential on cold days. Modern takes on this headwear piece are usually made of cotton, tweed, or leather and include more color combinations. The most common material used for creating them is by far tweed as it is perceived as specific for the region’s culture. 

What are the flat caps styles named?

Flat caps are frequently called Newsboy caps, Gatsby cap, Peaky Blinders or Paddy caps, or even more various combinations. It is often associated with the newsboys. Newsboys were the boys who stood on the street corners selling newspapers and traditionally were wearing a cap. Newsboy caps are considered to be a more modern style and are constructed with a rounded top and a button, these are the headwear seen in most famous TV shows. 

Exclusively Irish Selection of Irish Flat Caps

We carry an extensive assortment of men’s flat caps and Irish tweed caps that come in various shapes, textures, and sizes. You can choose between traditional Irish tweed hats in the county shape, newsboys hats, driving caps. Otherwise, you can select a vintage back hat which is a classic and versatile style that can be worn by anyone on any occasion and is constructed with an extra band at the back so the headwear piece sits further down the back of the head. Also, check our herringbone designs that perfectly exhibit Celtic culture and tradition.

Irish wool caps are considered to be a typical headwear accessory item for men, although women wear them as well and it suits their style just as the men’s. All our Irish tweed caps have been carefully crafted by skillful artisans that preserve the traditional methods of spinning and weaving. Don’t hesitate to browse throughout the collection of Irish flat caps and spice up your wardrobe.