Carraig Donn Baby Button Crew Neck Sweater


■ Traditional Aran Sweater for Kids
■ Crafted in Ireland with traditional Aran patterns
■ Available in Sizes 6-12, 12-18 or 18-24 months
■ Features a Shoulder Button Detail

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This warm Irish baby’s sweater features leather-look buttons for easy taking of and putting on. It also features a classic Aran design to celebrate the legacy of Aran stitching. It is an authentic Irish sweater made from 100 % soft merino wool, which is perfect for a baby's sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic and feels very comfortable on the skin. Besides, it is incredibly warm, so this will be a real blessing in the cold months of the year! Keep your baby warm and cozy in true Irish style when it's cold outside. Your baby boy will love this Aran sweater!