Rhodium Claddagh Drop Earrings


■ Base metal with Rhodium Plating
■ Dimensions: 15mm x 15mm
■ Handcrafted by Solvar Jewelry

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Whimsical waves and lustrous sterling silver give the Irish Claddagh symbol a mesmerizing presence in this earring set. Adorned with prominent ridged sleeves, these hands reach out to grab a glowing, gold-plated heart representing love shared between friends. Topping the heart is a studded crown standing for the loyalty that keeps friendships together. The Claddagh is a proud symbol of Ireland that has been illustrating this theme of love, loyalty, and friendship since the 17th century. The earrings are also adorned with sparkly inset crystals. These earrings are a wonderful combination of modern style, romance, and tradition. Theyare great for everyday wear and make a beautiful gift set with the matching Celtic wave Claddagh necklace.