Diamond Wool Blanket

Aran Woollen Mills

■ Knit From 100% Soft Merino Wool
■ The size of the blanket is 40" x 60"
■ Made in Ireland by Carraig Donn

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This plush and luxurious merino wool blanket from Carraig Donn is a perennial bestseller. Knit with gorgeous Aran stitches from super-soft merino wool, the throw comes in a simple natural white that contrasts beautifully with all other colors. After all, what more can you wish than a nice looking, soft and cozy blanket to wrap around yourself during the cold weather?  However, this blanket is good in warm weather as well because merino wool regulates body temperature. If you like to wrap a blanket around yourself while you study, work, read or watch TV, you can do so regardless of the temperature in the room or outside.