14K Shamrock Stud Small Earrings


■ Made of 14K Yellow Gold
■ Dimensions: 6mm x 6mm
■ Crafted by Solvar Jewelry

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Though subtle and sleek, these yellow gold shamrock earrings still make a noticeable statement. These earrings are a fun, cute way to show off Irish pride for a woman who prefers a mellow, classic look over one that is super flashy or overly festive. Shamrocks may be best known as the flower that Christian missionary Saint Patrick used to explain the Holy Trinity to converts in Ireland. Saint Patrick used the shamrock to teach that, just like its three independent leaves that join together to make one flower, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are individual Divine beings joining into the triune God. The three heart-shaped leaves of the clover are also thought to be symbolic of three virtues referenced in the Bible: faith, hope, and love.