Guinness Foreign Stout T-Shirt


■ Guinness Foreign Stout Logo
■ Official Guinness T-Shirt
■ Made from 100% Brushed Cotton

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If you are the kind of person who wears T-shirts on a regular basis, you will love this Guinness T-shirt. It's not just an ordinary plain black T-shirt. It features the Guinness Foreign Stout Logo and Arthur Guinness Signature, which gives it Irish charm! Black certainly goes well with everything, so this would make a great clothing item for a casual outfit. Whether you're going to a pub or any other casual outing, this Guinness T Shirt is a great thing to wear. Apart from being stylish, it is also very comfortable and durable. It is made from 100% brushed cotton, which means that it's both soft and cozy and will also last a long time!