Men's Sweater with Drawcords


■ This winter, stay warm like an Aran Islander in our modern classic Men’s Sweater with Drawcords!
■ The 100% Merino wool knit features intricate cable and diamond stitching that dates back to the 19th century. These patterns were thought to represent fishing ropes and wealth.
■ Available in classic white or in deep derby purple and sizes from XS through XXL, this handsome sweater complements any winter wardrobe.
■ The cozy turtleneck with drawcords adds a modern and sporty accent to the traditional sweater shape.Keep your sweater looking brand new by washing it by hand in lukewarm water. Use a gentle detergent. Dry flat.
■ Made in Ireland by skillful knitters

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This Men’s Sweater with Drawcords has detailed and heavy knit patterns. Available in a natural white, or charcoal color to suit different tastes. The turtleneck has drawcords on the collar making this Irish sweater stylish. It will also keep you extra warm during the cool weather days. Aran stitching has a long and rich history. The patterns on this sweater remind one of Aran fisherman sweaters. These sweaters became an Irish trademark and the style was preserved to this day. It is a truly timeless style that complements anyone. Besides, Merino wool is very high-quality, soft, and warm. So the sweaters are not only stylish but also extremely comfortable to wear and warm.