Mens Aran Sleeveless Cardigan


■ Made from 100% Merino Wool Sleeveless Cardigan
■ Available in a wide range of sizes
■ Adjustable button closure
■ Comfortable Pullover style
■ Made in Ireland by SAOL

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This men’s Aran sweater is a truly Irish design. With a classic mix of Aran cable, diamond and basket knit designs, the final vertical pattern is a beautifully textured and traditional style. Symbolizing fishermen’s knots, this diamond knit design pays homage to Irish heritage while still incorporating modern style sensibilities. The standup collar features a three-button closure, allowing you to wear the sweater truly buttoned up, or more open for an even more relaxed style. The ribbed collar, hem, and cuffs add a modern element to this design, making it perfect for work or casual wear that is easily paired with a tee shirt and jeans or slacks and a button-down shirt for a versatile new piece in your wardrobe that will be worn time and time again.