Men's Merino Wool Aran Half-Zipper Sweater

Aran Woollen Mills

■ A sophisticated Irish Sweater with a modern Shawl Collar
■ Made from soft Merino Wool that is warm and breathable
■ Features stylish traditional Aran stitching patterns

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This Irish Sweater is a traditional Irish sweater with a modern twist. The sweater is made from 100% Merino Wool. It features the traditional Irish Aran patterns and has a modern Shawl Collar with a button front. This Aran wool sweater will make a great addition to any Irish Wardrobe. It is a masculine style that is simply timeless. It reminds one of those Aran Island fishermen who worked laboriously. The idea of hard work is also emphasized by the honeycomb stitching pattern. The sweater is not only stylish and laden with history, but it is also very breathable and generally comfortable to wear.