White Guinness 2-Way Sequin Pint Ladies T-Shirt


■ Official Guinness T-Shirt
■ A very stylish Adult T-Shirt
■ Available in sizes XS-XL

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Part of the Official Guinness line, this gorgeous 2-Way Sequin Pint Ladies Guinness T-Shirt will show your love for Guinness and Ireland. The three pints featured on this T-shirt with a full, half-full, and the almost full amount of delicious Guinness beer. The iconic Guinness logo printed below gives personality to this lovely tee. The scoop collar and sewn rolled sleeves give this T-shirt an impeccably stylish look.  Buy this Guinness T Shirt and wear it every time you go out with your friends for a pint of Guinness. You can also wear it casually thanks to its impeccable style.