Women's Pull Through Scarf with Pouch Pocket


■ Our Women’s Pull-Through Scarf with Pouch Pocket is made of a toasty Merino wool blend by Aran Woollen Mills.
■ Aran Woollen Mills has been a major producer of Irish knitwear since 1965, and the company prides itself on providing quality Irish designs.
■ Our lovely scarf comes in an eye-catching baby blue, a stunning pastel that adds a touch of freshness to any wintry outfit.
■ Intricately braided knit cables decorate the length of the scarf, and at the end, a muff-style pouch pocket waits to warm up your frozen fingers.
■ This beautiful wrap is sure to become a favorite, so keep it looking its finest by hand-washing it with mild detergent and lukewarm water.
■ Knit masterfully from 100% soft Merino Wool 
■ Stunning blue pastel color that goes with anything
■ Features a warming Pouch Pocket for your fingers

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Our Pull-Through Scarf will keep you both warm and stylish this winter. Made in Ireland from 100% Merino Wool, this lovely scarf features traditional Irish cable patterns making it a gorgeous timeless classic. The design is reminiscent of those classic Aran fishermen sweaters. The stitching patterns resemble the fishermen's ropes, which stand for success and safety in the fishing trade. Such a scarf would definitely bring you safety and success. It will keep you safe from the cold and will successfully complete any winter outfit. This beautiful pastel color will surely go well with anything and add a bit more style to it.