Baby/Toddler Button-Down Dress


■ Crafted in Ireland out of 100% soft Merino Wool
■ Available in 3 Different Sizes
■ Beautiful Red Color with Colored Buttons for Style
■ Intricate and beautiful traditional Aran patterns

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This sweet button down dress is a baby girl's best friend during the cold season.  It is knit with soft merino wool and features 5 colorful buttons that make it a truly fun piece.  The merino wool fibers trap the warm air, so you can be sure that this will keep your baby warm on cold days. This dress is extremely comfortable to wear thanks to the front buttons. Besides, it is a great way to showcase your family's roots because this features an authentic Aran pattern. The tradition of Aran knitting patterns is a long standing one. Aran knitwork is famous for its extraordinary level of comfort and durability.