Merino Wool Zig Zag Sweater


■ Knit from 100% Soft Merino Wool with traditional Aran patterns
■ This wonderful crewneck sweater is available in sizes S-XXL
■ Available in several gorgeous-looking colors

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This wool sweater is what you need to wear in the cold season. It is one of men's favorites when it comes to sweaters and there's good reason for that. This classic Irish sweater crewneck is knit with a plush merino wool of the best quality there is. Merino wool feels very soft and pleasant on your skin and it is also extremely durable. This is perfect for men who don't like to buy new clothes every new season. You will be able to wear this wonderful sweater for years to come. Besides, it features a very stylish classic Aran design and it's available in unnatural white or brown colors.